It is time to define and configure the database, but first some warnings and tips for better performance and to avoid errors.

If you are using the BUNGEE (BedWarsProxy) it is necessary to use MySQL or MariaDB to synchronize player data.

By default, the database type and credentials are taken from the BedWars1058 / BedWars Proxy plugin configuration.

The .sql file when using SQLite is stored in BedWars1058 / BedWars Proxy/Cache/quests.db

Database Provider

The database provider is the one who provides the credentials to connect to the database, let's see how we can change the provider.

  1. Open the add-on config.yml located in the Bed Wars plugin addons folder.

  2. Search for the storage category and then search for the data-provider

  3. Choose your data provider, either Quests or BedWars

If you choose Quests, you can change all the values inside the storage category.

# Storage / Database of add-on category.
# Please be careful changing options of this category.
# If you don't know what you are doing, please don't change anything.

  # The data provider determine if the database credentials
  # are handle by BedWars1058 / BedWarsProxy or by
  # BedWars1058 Quests add-on.
  # Valid options are Quests or BedWars.
  # - If "Quests" is selected, you can modify the
  #   values below.
  data-provider: "BedWars" # Quests or BedWars

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