Migrating from v3

A perfect migration.

Unfortunately, the v4 version doesn't support settings, files or anything related to v3 (or lower) versions and a complete cleanup of the add-on is required.


Data saved in previous versions are not compatible with version 4.

Deleting files...

It is recommended that before installing the v4 version you delete the folder created in the /Addons/ directory.

This way a clean installation of the new files and settings will be done.

Restarting languages files...

This step is to avoid conflicts between old and new messages.

Be sure to do this in every language file that your server supports.

  1. Open the language file.

  2. Use the word search engine and find the word "addons".

  3. Completely removes everything related to the key "quests".

Quests & Challenges

Files from previous versions no longer work when upgrading to version 4.

In our Discord you can find the new quest & challenge files.

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